Nightwalk midwinter 21st December 2010

more things that have gone

click here to read the invite, download a copy of the map here

The back of the map for last night’s walk had a list on it, a list of things that have gone from the route that we walked. Our maps always have a list on the back (of things on the walk) which normally includes ‘things that have gone’ as a sub-heading. When updating the list for our midwinter walk we realised that the category ‘things that have gone’ dominated our thoughts, and the list, and inspired a guided tour of some of those things.

Of course it could have been a longer list – a never-ending list. When compiling it we had to decide what to include and what to leave out. So it’s a list of things that have gone in the time that we have been walking these streets – the last 5 or 10 years, things we have direct experience or memories of; a personal inventory of things that have gone.

They are listed in order of their non-appearance on the route, beginning at the beginning. The map and the list can be downloaded here. You’ll see that many of the things on it could perhaps more accurately be described as things that have changed, rather than things that have gone. This is an indistinction that is more to do with feeling – a sense that through its change something has been lost, rather than any technical evaluation of what degree of change ‘counts’ as ‘gone’.

The end of the list has space for you to add your own notes of things that have gone – and we invite you to do so whether you were able to come on the walk or not. If you’d like to share them please do so by emailing us at info@walkwalkwalk.org.uk, and we’ll add them to our website.

If you came on the walk and have photos, thoughts, recollections or any other material that you'd like to share please email us and we'll add them to the website.

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Night walk 21st December 2010