Clive Brandon's Points of Non Interest
10 days after the night walk 2 Gail and I went out to walk the walk and see how many of the Points of Non Interest stickers were still visible, and what state they were in. We were surprised how many were intact. It was a beautiful day. CQ
Points 2 and 3, images © Gail Burton
Point 2, images © Gail Burton
Point 4, images © Gail Burton
Points 5 6 and 7 images © Clare Qualmann
Point 7, images © Clare Qualmann (left) and Gail Burton (right)
Although we had intended to take the book with us we forgot it. A week later walking with Clive and Serena as well (this time a freezing cold day) we realised that we had missed 3 points.
Points 8, 9 and 10, images © Clare Qualmann
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Clive Brandon's Points of Non Interest