walkwalkwalk in E8
E8, The Heart of Hackney, at Transition Gallery 15th June - 15th July 2007

Walkwalkwalk invite you to go on the ‘Chip Shop Tour of E8’.  The walking tour explores E8 through an examination of its Fish and Chip shops. You can find your way to each chippy using our special chip wrapper map - available free from the gallery. Navigate your own route to a Chippy and you can then sample their fare in one of three specially designed commemorative chip paper wrappers.  Witness live the under-rated art of chip wrapping and poke-folding.  Observe the variety of Formica ‘ranges’, look out for the flying dolphin wallpaper, or meet the Golden Star's Fryer - he thinks all chips are terrible – but possibly creates the best chips in E8!

 Please join us on the evening of Thursday the 21st June for a nightwalk tour of all the chip shops on the map.  Meet at 7pm at Transition gallery. The tour will lead you to chip shops you never new existed and to well known favourites.

 Read our Chip Shop Stories and view the chip photo archive on our blog at http://chipwalk.blogspot.com

Please send us your chip shop experiences and pictures for publication on the chip blog.


(The special edition chip wrappers above are available to purchase in the Gallery for £5 each!)
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