Exeter Nightwalk 12th April 2008

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Walking Cake and Appletise at Exeter Central before setting off on the walk. As if by magic the rain/hail/sleet clouds cleared and the evening was beautiful. Walking down Fore Street we encountered the bizarre sight of Banana Man and a Priest smoking outside of Walkabout, a clutch of girls in very short shorts lead us down the hill towards King Street, where we turn off, passing Spacex on Preston Street before crossing the Western Way and heading towards Marsh Barton.
The last sign of life we pass is on Water Lane, at the social club. Dressed up young women exchange banter with a group of small boys who are sat on top of a wall. We file past, heading on up Tan Lane, train thundering overhead. It is starting to get darker now, the last bit of light in the sky makes a beautiful constrast with the bright orange JCBs and Diggers in their night enclosure.
Outside Den's Delights on Marsh Green Road we stop for a break, and warm up with more walking cake and hot custard, plus mint tea. We distribute the walk stories booklet too.
Leaving Marsh Barton by Clapperbrook Lane it becomes too dark to take photos. The incinerator is belching out steam or smoke, that it lit up orange against the sky, a pylon is silhouetted against this scence, and puddles reflect the orange light too. It is hard to see each other, let alone the way. Eventually our eyes adjust and the moon light is enough. The first lights to greet us on the other side seems stangely orange after the monchromatic moonlight dark.
Salmonpool Lane bus stop - the official end of the walk, but we carry on, led back towards town by a volunteer who knows a good way through the back of County Hall. Only a routine walker could have known this route - through courtyards and cloisters, empty but brightly lit
The monument to the protestant martyrs, Phil steps up to explain its significance in an impromptu performance.
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