Nightwalk invite, 21st December 2007
Dear All,

It’s two years since the first Nightwalk and the intervening time has seen radical changes to what was the forgotten zone of Three Colts Lane to Pedley Street. How will navigation of the mutated terrain require our route to change? Join us for Nightwalk Winter Solstice to encounter pristine new taxi-garage arches and the elaborate wedding shop, en route to the obstacle course that is/was Pedley Street and Cheshire Street. We will attempt to find the remaining gaps in the known through which to slip.

Please meet us on Friday the 21st December at 7pm, on the corner of Russia Lane and Bishops Way, where the walk will begin. Nearest tube to the start is Bethnal Green, or Buses 254, 106, 55, 26, 48, D6 and D3, or Cambridge Heath overground. A map can be downloaded here and will also be available on the night. The nightwalk will take approximately one and a half hours – but you can stop at any point. It is, as ever, free. Please rsvp to info@walkwalkwalk.org.uk (not essential but to give us an indication of numbers for refreshments).

See the changes to Pedley Street and The Flying Hut that have happened over the last few months on our new Pedley Street RIP blog


and please send us your photos, stories and comments for the blog

Hope to see you on the walk

Gail, Clare, Serena and Gimpo

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Night walk 21st December 2007