Following the second night walk we sent out a call for participants' stories, thoughts and fragments, here are some of them:
Dawn Scarfe
It was great to amble along streets parks and paths that are off the beaten track. I particularly liked walking under the railway arches, spotting the strange shelter on stilts  on the railway line close to where we stopped for  soup, and also crossing the railway bridge on the way back to Bethnal Green. At that point I felt I was in a surreal dream. I couldn't see over the high fence so had no idea where I was, but just kept following the trail through unfamiliar territory, making conversation. New parts of the city opened up. I spend so much time on buses and tubes, wanting to wander around but too cautious to do it on my own. © Dawn Scarfe 2006
images © Clive Brandon 2006
Sylvia Finzi
I did enjoy the walk, though arrived early and had almost completely frozen through by the time we set off.  I started looking at Clive's book but it was too cold to take my gloves off after a while so imagined what might or might not be in it, then looked on the bus home.  Much better than quiz night. Particularly enjoyed some unexpected light rhythms from reflections and variety of window shapes. What would normally, and especially in daylight, seem derelict, chaotic and squalid, became rhythmic and surprizing. The brisk march of so many people through completely empty, abandoned and normally avoided streets turned them (almost) into tourist attractions. Had a conversation with (Satya) who said she felt the walk healed the area, the city. That was lovely and true. © Sylvia Finzi 2006
© Barnaby Hewlett
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